Liew: More women given senior roles


KOTA KINABALU: Qualified and capable women in Sabah have been recognised and given senior positions under the Parti Warisan Sabah-led state government, says Datuk Christina Liew.

In a message in conjunction with the International Women’s Day, the Deputy Chief Minister said women employees in the state civil service were given a fair deal.

“I am proud to see more Sabah women now holding senior positions in the hierarchy of the state administration based on merit and experience.

“They were promoted accordingly after the new state coalition came into power less than two years ago.

“With more women graduates joining the workforce, I am sure those who choose a career in public service will also be in the forefront one day,” she said.

Liew, who is also state Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, noted that there were four women permanent secretaries in the state ministries.

“Those promoted to be permanent secretaries were Masnah Matsalleh (Local Government and Housing), Dr Mariana Tinggal (Agriculture and Food Industry), Jasmine Teo (Education and Innovation) and Datuk Janet Chee (Health and People’s Wellbeing).”

Liew said there were also many women directors and deputy directors at various state government departments.

She also commended the Sabah Women’s Advisory Council and Sabah Women’s Affairs Department for their good work in providing women empowerment programmes but felt more could be done to bridge the economic gap between urban and rural women.

“I know they have the ability to do more so I ask them to keep the momentum going and as a woman Deputy Chief Minister, I would support women in whatever way possible,” she said.

Liew reminded working women and homemakers not to neglect their health while pursuing their careers or managing their families.

“Health comes first. No matter how preoccupied you may be, do make time for regular health screening for your own good and that of your families,” she said.

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