The 5 worst hotel guests to ever encounter


You’re just back from your annual holiday getaway after long weeks of work without a break.

But you’ve realised that just because you checked into a hotel with a comfortable bed and a bubbling jacuzzi, it didn’t mean you were free of the festering annoyances that came with the place.

Be it a no-frills motel or a five-star luxury resort, were any of these five annoying types of guests going out of their way to ruin your holiday?

1. The hands-off parents

Pity the hotel guest whose room is right next to one with screaming brats in it. (Pixabay pic)

It’s no crime bringing your kids on holiday with you. After all, they do deserve a break from school and taking them out of the house could be a memorable experience for them.

But problems arise when parents decide to close one eye to their kid’s antics, be it running around screaming in the lobby or sticking their fingers into the buffet spread.

For the staff and other guests, just having these unrestrained bundles of energy bouncing everywhere can only be cute for a while before it starts to get on everyone’s nerves.

Can’t imagine what their home environments must be like if their child is being such a devil while on holiday.

2. The frisky lovebirds

Just because you let your hair down during a holiday doesn’t mean you can disturb the comfort of other guests. (Rawpixel pic)

It’s one thing to bring your kids out on holiday, it’s quite another to “make” your kids on holiday.

Perhaps it’s their honeymoon, but this loving couple doesn’t seem to understand that public displays of affection can only go so far before they start annoying the hell out of everyone around them.

You will be scrambling out of the public jacuzzi after watching them climb in to have a private moment together.

And God help you when they manage to tumble back into their room after the lifeguard chases them out of the pool.

Be sure to cover your ears with your pillow as the walls shake with the unearthly debauchery unfolding with surround sound next door.

3. The annoying loudmouths

Loud guests in adjacent rooms can leave you annoyed and short-tempered. (Rawpixel pic)

While a hotel may not be a library, like any other public establishment, it’s important to maintain the peace and quiet at all times.

But as soon as the loudmouth emerges, peace is shattered instantly. There is no such thing as an indoor voice for this hotel guest; they are effectively walking audio speakers.

They are a nuisance in the lobby, and they will most definitely be a nuisance in the rooms.

Be prepared to jump in fright when they slam doors, stomp or sing at the top of their unpleasant voices for the whole world to listen to and cringe.

Pray they don’t drink before bed!

4. The slobbish bumpkin

If you like your surroundings neat and clean, having slobs as hotel guests will certainly irritate you. (Rawpixel pic)

While they may be more of an issue for hotel staff rather than guests, the mess that the slobs leave behind are nonetheless unpleasant to deal with for anyone with a basic sense of hygiene.

Give them a couple of minutes in what was previously a pristinely clean hotel room and by the time they leave, you would think a pig was staying there.

At the gymnasium, they use the exercise machines to their heart’s content, but they have no issue leaving behind layers of sweat and grime on anything and everything they touched.

Watch with equal fascination and disgust when they feast during the buffet, with bones and other food scraps littering their table as they wolf down everything on their plate.

They jump into the pool in non-swim attire and much to the staff’s annoyance, litter everywhere despite the abundance of garbage bins.

5. The social media diva

Taking photographs of themselves in any possible location, these selfie fiends easily get on other people’s nerves.

Get out of the way for this hotel guest or risk getting crushed by their trains of bags! For they’re going to get their picture-perfect vacation, and you’re most definitely not in it.

Every whim and fancy that this guest has, the hotel has to go out of its way to fulfil, no matter how absurd some of the requests may be.

Failure to do so will provoke an angry reaction on their Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter pages, whining about how the hotel refused to treat them like the true shining celebrity stars they are.

Taking photographs of themselves in any possible location they can fit their face into, you will start wondering if they’re compensating for something.

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