Usual Suspects Prancing to another tune of Musical Chair


The Sabah by election will be a test to see if UMNO actually values its alleys. It is a well known secret that the passionate voters of Sabah have longed voiced their unhappiness with the party’s strong arm tactics in pushing their agenda there.

UMNO at this moment is showing its chauvinist ultra Malay colors by physically shoving their demands down the throats of other parties in their ‘coalition’ which has seen MIC pulling out of the ‘syndicate’ which robbed the voters choice from power. Malaysians need to come together as one and reject them as their actions of late is an unhealthy development that threatens the foundation of this great nation.

It is truly unfathomable that a party, which had lost the general elections are now ‘masters’ of the current government. A true sign of a bully which has TSMY by the balls, as he seeks to pick up piece meal deals by recently acknowledging that PBBM would be open to ‘dividing’ its Malay party’s leadership amongst non Malay members.

The current ‘syndicate’ that is running the nation, seem to care less and less about the people or the nation but more about their own survival agenda

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