Prominant lawyer, Amir Khusrairi Mohamad Tanusi has been named newly formed party, Pejuang’s candidate for the Slim election schedulled on 29 August.

His candidacy is seen as a suitable choice in response to the aspirations of the locals for a fresh face, with strong professional background and carry their hopes of strengthening the Malay and Islam agenda. Furthermore, as a practicing lawyer, he is also seen as the best candidate that truly understands the constitution, a key factor in determining that the rule of law would always be respected.

Amir Khusyairi is no stranger to politics as he was one of the candidates for the Divisyen Chief post of Teluk Intan under Parti Peribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PBBM). This puts him in a strong position to give the other candidates a run for their money in the coming election.

Amir Khusyairi today also received strong support from Pakatan Harapan as voiced out by YB Anthony Lock and YB Mohamad Sabu which was also present at the ceremony. This is a strong signal that Tun Mahathir still has strong backing from his former counterparts.

“Our combined support for Amir Khusyairi is crucial to ensure that the current opposition block gains strength to continue our fight in eradicating past corrupt practices now more prominent within the current administration”, said YB Anthony Lock referring to the vast political appointments of UMNO and PAS representatives in GLC’s under Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s administration.

YB Anthony Lock was also of one voice when he echoed Tun Mahathir’s aspiration to find a common ground with Warisan, should there be another by election in Sabah.

A native of Perak, Amir Khusyairi is not only known as a formidable lawyer, but also a very humble and approachable community member who is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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