A Tale of Two Crowns?


UMNO veteran leader, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has called for the party to distance itself from the current government coalition simply because PBBM had announced that they are willing to accept non bumi members and would probably allow these individuals to hold top party post in the near future.

Now, it seems that UMNO’s true colors as a chauvinistic Malay party has been displayed for the whole of Malaysia to judge. The suggestion to leave PBBM simply on the notion that it now accepts non Bumi members is a type of modern day bullying to maintain UMNO’s thumb on PBBM. Or is it merely their original plans NOT to support the rulling government. Its an open secret that TSMY’s PN government would crumble with the support of some parts of UMNO, such as Ku Li and other key figures.

It seems that rumours about an UMNO split may very well be true as sometime last week it was said that Ku Li, Dato Hishammuddin and KJ teams were in dicussion among themselves NOT to vote for a particular bill which would be presented by TSMY in Parliament, which lead to the 10 minute fiasco delay by speaker Art Harun.

If rumours are true, then TSMY’s sinister plot is to include non bumi into his fold is an act of desperation for support whilst at the same time chant ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ amongst the Malay MP’s and voters. One has to wonder how this will effect the Muafakat Nasional as it is in fact a pact exclusively to champion the Malay and Islam agenda

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