A Case of Creative Context Manipulation


There you have it! PN has admitted that direct negotiations are NOT WRONG! Then why the fuss?

The latest fiasco concocted by the PN goverment recently was highlighting to the public in regards to the previous administration’s error of including their pledge to widely use the open tender system in their manifesto.

This however created a stir when it was revealed that a total sum of close to 60 billion ringgit was approved by the previous finance minister through direct negotiations.

Here are the facts:

  1. If one reads the manifesto in its full context, the manifesto NEVER stated that it would entirely cease direct negotiation approach but instead, outlined clearly that they are comitted to reform tender awards processes, including widely using the open tender approach especially for mega projects.
  2. Now begs the question if the PN MP’s actually understand Bahasa Malaysia. How is that particular sentence a promise to NOT practice any forms of direct negotiation?
  3. Furthermore, in this instances, these approved spending was said to be for the Defence Minister and the Ministry of Home Affairs; both a particularly secretive administration function which requires the direct negotiation approach.

Referring back to point no 2, the PN administration clearly hopes that Malaysians are dumb enough not to actually READ their points of argument and just accept their narrative based on hatred towards a particular ex finance Minister? WHO’S RACIST NOW?

And if, we are going to call all those to task, then let’s…starting with the previous administration’s Home Minister and Defence Minister

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