No roadside stalls in housing areas during Ramadan, warns FT ministry


Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa affirmed that roadside stalls are not allowed to operate their businesses in the state throughout this fasting month.

He said he understands that some people will use this opportunity to set up stalls in their housing area to make an income.

“The rules are clear. Only restaurants can operate in their premises and offer takeaway food,” Annuar said, in response to questions posed by the general public on the ministry’s hotline.

Such restaurants are allowed to operate from 8am to 8pm only.

Local residents have been asking the ministry whether residents living in a housing area or people’s public housing (PPR) apartments can sell takeway food for “buka puasa” meals.

No Ramadan bazaar are allowed to operate this year, including those offering the “drive-thru” and “pack-and-pick” facilities.

On questions on why some traders have yet to receive their refunds from City Hall (DBKL) after these bazaars were cancelled, Annuar said this was up to the associations that collected the money.

“After we cancelled the bazaars, we did not keep their money and returned the money back to those who had registered for these bazaar stalls,” he added.

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