Touch n Go RFID pilot programme ending soon – sticker tag to cost RM35 each from February 15


The public pilot programme for the Touch n Go radio-frequency identification (RFID) system, which started in September 2018, is coming to an end. Therefore, the RFID tags will no longer be free of charge, but will cost RM35 starting February 15. This also means that there’s slightly more than a week to go if you want to have the RFID sticker on your car at zero cost.

Touch n Go says that since the pilot programme started, there have been 55 million transactions worth RM104.5 million made via RFID. The company says that all feedback has been taken, and with a 99% transaction success rate, they have a good and ready product in hand.

“We have invested in one million TnG RFID Tags for Malaysians to experience this technology during our public pilot programme this past 18 months. Now it is the time for us to move forward and continue to expand the use of RFID technology together with our partners across the mobility ecosystem. This includes fuelling, parking and retail drive throughs,” said Syahrunizam Samsudin, CEO of Touch n Go.

Touch n Go RFID Launch-3
Touch n Go RFID Launch-4

To get the TnG RFID Tag, one can visit the company’s three permanent installation centres or any of the 81 mobile fitment centres. You would have seen the TnG fitment crew at shopping malls and popular petrol stations – the full list of locations can be found on TnG’s website. TnG is eventually looking at self-fitment packs, and what was shown at today’s launch event resembles mobile SIM card packs.

As for the price of RM35, the company says that its product is good value compared to RFID products in other countries – it was pointed out that RFID devices are priced at the equivalent of RM454, RM99 and RM55 in Singapore, Australia and Taiwan respectively. The price includes one-time free replacement (on the same vehicle) should there be damage from whatever cause.

In conjunction with the launch of the TnG RFID Tag, the company is having a lucky draw of sorts where 40 winners will win “one year of free toll”, which is RM2,500 of TnG eWallet credit. The promotion is from Feb 15 to April 15, and there will be five weekly winners. Fit your RFID within this period for a shot at the prize.

Syahrunizam also urged TnG users to add their physical cards into the Touch n Go eWallet to avoid the cards from ever going dormant. Doing this would also allow for faster e-refund for cards – the company promises refunds within 24 hours for values of below RM10 and seven to 14 working days for refunds above RM10.

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