Mexican Woman Skinned and Eviscerated by Sugar Daddy


February 9, 2020, a woman was brutally murdered by her partner who skinned and eviscerated her dead body. The bloody feminicide took place at 281 Schuman Street in the Vallejo neighborhood in the Gustavo A. Madero area, a municipality in the heart of Mexico City, Mexico.

The victim was identified as 26 year old Ingrid Escamilla Vargas. A presumed gold-digger, Ingrid is believed to have been in a sugar-daddy type relationship with 46 years old Erik Robledo Rosas, her murderer.

According to the information given at this time, Robledo stabbed the woman 5 times after an argument, presumably with a kitchen knife. After that, he skinned her from face to knees, extracting her eyeballs.

Seems that at some point, he attempted to flush her remains piece by piece down the toilet. But that was too tedious and not working out very well, so he ended putting her guts in plastic bags, and distributing them to different locations all within 7 blocks from the crime scene.

In an apparent reality check, Eric Robledo called his ex-wife after the murder to confess. She in turn reported it to the police.

Robledo’s alibi is that he acted in self defense, claiming that the now deceased tried to kill him with the same knife he used on her. His torso was indeed covered with wounds appearing to come from the same type of knife, but those could have been self inflicted.

I don’t have all the back info at this time, as the case is fresh and there is a lot of confusing information about it. Some say the two were married, others say they were not.

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