16yo Penang Boy Tragically Commits Suicide After Allegedly Being Bullied By Teachers


Bullying, regardless of when and where it happens, is never acceptable. But what happens when you are being bullied and shamed by the very people who are supposed to protect you from such incidents in the first place, like your own teacher? For one unfortunate family, the pain that they have to endure is unimaginable after their own son committed suicide after being allegedly bullied by his teachers, according to The New Straits Times.

Source: NST

A Penang-born 16-year-old teenage boy, S.K. Logamitraa, took his own life on Tuesday (4th February 2020), after allegedly suffering from some form of depression after claims were made that he was being ‘targeted’ by his own schoolteachers.

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Source: Malay Mail

This was revealed by Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel, who spoke on behalf of the deceased’s family. According to him, the 16-year-old boy had tried appealing to be transferred to a better class, after being placed in the second last class in his own school. However, his appeal was denied. 

It is also said that his class teachers would often shame the deceased by reprimanding him on his hair and his attire.

“Last month, Logamitraa was made to take off his trousers after teachers claimed it was tight-fitting and made him wear shorts for the rest of the day.

Even his favourite key chain, which had been with him for a long time, was taken away from him as teachers claimed it was a sharp object.” Mr Kural added.

The deceased was discovered by his own mother, who found him hanging from a blanket tied to the ceiling fan in his room at 6pm on Tuesday. Despite being rushed to Bukit Mertajam hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

His mother had tried to encourage him to study harder so that he could be admitted into a better class. In fact, on the day of his death, he was meant to be attending his first day of tuition classes to improve his results. 

We extend our deepest condolences to his family during this difficult time and hope that he will be able to rest in peace. We also hope that the teachers involved in this incident will be thoroughly investigated for their actions. 

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