PLUS releases travel time advisory schedule for North-South Expressway during Chinese New Year 2020


With the Chinese New Year holiday season approaching, PLUS Malaysia has released a travel time advisory for this year’s festive period in order for the public to plan their outstation travels. During this festive period, the highway operator estimates that daily traffic volume will increase from 1.7 million vehicles on normal days to two million vehicles.

For the time frame of January 20 until February 2, highway users starting from the Klang Valley travelling to Perlis, Kedah, Penang, northern Perak and Johor are advised to join the North-South Expressway before 9am; Klang Valley travellers heading towards other states are advised to enter the highway after 12pm.

For the return into the Klang Valley, highway users starting from the aforementioned states are advised to join the highway before 9am in order to have traffic return to the Klang Valley in stages. PLUS will also halt all non-critical highway maintenance and repair works from January 22 until February 2, while cranes and tow trucks will be placed on standby at strategic locations along the highway, the company said.

The highway operator will fortify its collaboration with the authorities including the Royal Malaysian Police, the Fire Department, the Malaysian Civil Defense Agency and RELA as well as an increasing number of PLUS volunteers to provide emergency support throughout this festive period. An additional 70 Touch n’ Go self-service kiosks and more portable toilets and water tankers will be stationed at various locations along the highway, PLUS said.

Past trends and analysis indicated that highway users who complied with the travel time advisory will enjoy a smooth travelling experience, said PLUS, however users who delay their journeys from the advised schedule are likely to experience increased travel times by 30% to 80%, the company added.

“The TTA is developed by PLUS as a guide to distribute traffic and minimise the possibility of traffic converging at critical stretches on the highway which often leads to congestion. Therefore, for a smooth driving experience for all, PLUS encourages customers to travel during the times as recommended in the TTA,” said PLUS managing director Datuk Azman Ismail.

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