Honda CBR250RR in Malaysia by end of 2020?


Released back in 2016 for the Indonesia and Japan markets, the Honda CBR250RR has been lusted after by many Malaysian riders. It appears that some things come better late than never as was informed by an unnamed source in Malaysian distributors Boon Siew the CBR250RR might be in Malaysia by late 2020.

As Honda’s current offering in the quarter-litre sports class is the very long in the tooth CBR250R, it is perhaps time for a major model update. However, we were informed by Boon Siew Honda the primary reason the CBR250RR is not brought in is because of Euro conformance – Malaysia follows the Euro standard closely for emissions – and price, which, compared against its local market competition, would be somewhat prohibitive.

All is not lost as we were reliably informed steps are being taken by the boys in Batu Kawan to bring in the CBR2500RR as a limited release model intended for the enthusiast. No firm mention on pricing, but expect to pay a premium over what is considered the norm for the 250 cc sports bike class here.


Boon Siew Honda recognises that Malaysian riders will probably raise a hue and cry over what the possible sales price will be, but for those who had earlier commented on articles on the CBR250RR about buying it, now is the time to start saving the pennies. For Malaysia, the CBR250RR’s main competition is the very popular Yamaha YZF-R25, priced at RM19,998 but lacks the CBR250RR’s ABS and traction control package.

The CBR250RR in its first generation guise comes with an eight-valve, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine displacing 249.7 cc. Power from Honda’s quarter-litre twin is claimed to be 36 hp at 12,500 rpm and 22.5 Nm torque at 10,500 rpm, though there have been reports this has been bumped up to 41 hp for the second generation CBR250RR.

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