Dr Mahathir says PH could be a one-term govt


LANGKAWI: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Pakatan Harapan could be a one-term government if it does not make some changes.

“We have lost five by-elections but they still don’t understand,” Mahathir told reporters in Langkawi today.

“I told them in a democracy you need strong support from the people. But instead they fight amongst themselves and divide the people… They are not going to win unless they change their ways,” he said.

On Jan 18, Barisan Nasional candidate Mohamad Alamin of Sabah Umno defeated Karim Bujang of PH’s Sabah partner Warisan, with a comfortable majority of 2,029 votes.

The defeat is the fifth for PH on the back of polls showing waning popularity among the public.

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