M’sian Ambulance In Emergency Forced To Make Way For Police Escort, Angers Netizens


When we’re driving, one of the most common road courtesies we practice as a habit is to make way for any emergency vehicle when we hear sirens and see flashing lights. After all, getting to where they need to be on time can make the difference between life and death. Video Player00:0000:31

But what happens when a police entourage and an ambulance meet on the same stretch of road together? Who gives way to whom? Well, in a video from China Press, apparently even ambulances have to make room for people with a police escort. 

Source: China Press

In a video that was submitted to the Chinese daily by a man who goes by Mr Lian, it is said that as he was driving on the highway at around 9am in the morning, and traffic was pretty congested. Usual lah, right

Source: China Press

But then, sirens can be heard from behind his car, and it turned out that an ambulance was trying to make its way between traffic. Many cars could be seen giving way, as they should, for the ambulance to pass. 

Source: China Press

Source: China Press

Yet, in a startling coincidence, a police escort was also using the same road, with two police motorbikes ahead asking drivers to make room for three black cars. They even forced the ambulance to make room by turning into a corner so a black SUV could speed past! Only after that could the ambulance move ahead. 

The video has garnered a lot of reactions online, with many netizens angered by the fact that an ambulance carrying a possibly critical patient had to give way for the police escort.


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