Drug Dealers Are Copying PDRM Vehicle Stickers to Avoid Detection at Road Blocks

Drugs have always been quite an issue within Malaysia, especially after PDRM officers were caught and dismissed due to drug use.

Now, the Bukit Aman Anti-Drug Group Director Datuk Mohd Khali has informed that drug dealers are using PDRM look-alike vehicles in order to smuggle narcotics through roadblocks in an effort to avoid law enforcement, stop searches and prosecution.

Source: Lowyat

According to China Press, these drug dealers would affix their vehicles with official unit badges and stickers to imitate PDRM vehicles, but now that the authorities have caught on to their tactics, the police are convinced that they’ll be less likely to be deceived in any chance they stumble upon such a situation.

Source: Gipicato

Datuk Mohd Khali also added that between November 18th to November 24th, 2019, they launched 2,870 large-scale anti-drug assault operations to which over 2,600 drug traffickers, dealers and addicts were arrested.

It’s pretty smart that these dealers have used PDRM look-a-like vehicles to smuggle drugs right under the polices’ noses, but it’s also ridiculously risky considering PDRM vehicles have standardised designs which can be impossible to perfectly copy.

Also, wouldn’t police officers communicate with each other as they pass through roadblocks and so forth? Maybe the crackdowns in the force aren’t over yet.

Either way, we hope that the PDRM will put a stop to these imitators.


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