New AIA Family Drive motor insurance touts family discount, PA for passengers, inconvenience allowance


Some people want the minimum, some have the habit of ticking every available box. If you fall more on the latter’s side, you might be interested in the just-launched AIA Family Drive, a new motor insurance plan that provides a fair bit of extras over the conventional comprehensive car insurance.

The company says that Family Drive provides all-round on-the-road protection as well as convenience and savings for Malaysian drivers, and their families. There are a couple of industry-first benefits on top of the usual comprehensive insurance protection against loss and damages.

Let’s start with the family part. Family Drive offers a family premium discount of 5% if customers insure two or more cars, up to four cars. The other cars can belong to the same person, or family members, as long as they share the same address.

Another family benefit is the automatic personal accident (PA) protection for anyone travelling in the insured car, not just family members. The accidental death and permanent disability benefit is up to RM25,000 per person and there’s double indemnity on a national public holiday. Total PA covered per car is up to RM250,000. There’s also automatic coverage for all authorised drivers without additional cost.

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Besides the PA for your passengers, AIA Family Drive also offers protection against legal liability to a third party’s injury, death or property loss/damage for everyone travelling in the car. Let’s say one of your passengers opens a door without care and causes injury/damage to a pedestrian or motorcyclist, he/she will have protection against legal liability.

If you’re the driver, you will also be covered for legal liability to your passengers, in case any disgruntled passenger wants to take legal action against you for whatever reason. So, the driver of an AIA Family Drive-insured car is pretty safe from legal liability all round.

If your car is involved in an accident and has to be repaired at the workshop, AIA will pay out an inconvenience allowance of RM600 – it doesn’t matter who’s fault the accident was. Excess waiver is granted if customers repair their car at an AIA panel workshop or franchise workshop.

Of course, should you run into any trouble, AIA Roadside Assist provides customers with services such as battery/tyre replacement and vehicle towing, 24/7. Customers can even request for assistance when it comes to filing police reports and AIA will also provide e-hailing vouchers to transport your family home after an accident.

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Optional add-ons include the agreed value feature, where you and the insurer “shake hands” on an agreed value for your car, as opposed to the market value. The waiver of betterment cost feature ensures that customers are covered for the full cost of new original parts for their car with no extra procedure of paperwork upon claims, useful for older vehicles. Of course, windscreen and special perils (flood, storm, act of God) coverage are also boxes that one can tick. These options are familiar ones.

“Family Drive is the first of many innovative insurance plans and policies that will be rolled out by AIA General Bhd. We are continuously challenging ourselves to innovate and develop products that meet the various protection needs of our customers,” said Eric Chang, CEO of AIA General Bhd, a subsidiary of AIA Bhd.

AIA Family Drive motor insurance can be purchased via AIA Life Planners, bank partners, telesales reps and branches. Chang says that one will be able to purchase online directly in a couple of months.

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