Bentley Mulliner Bacalar – limited edition luxury model due soon, inspired by two-door EXP 100 GT concept


The Bentley Mulliner Bacalar is a brand new coach-built luxury car that will be unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show next month. According to a very brief press release by Bentley, the car will be exquisitely hand-built by Bentley Mulliner.

It added that the Bacalar represents grand touring at its most exhilarating, and it will be based on the EXP 100 GT concept. Not much is known, except that the car will be built with sustainably- and ethically-sourced materials. Of course, customers get to personalise the car to their liking.

Another clue is in the picture itself – the tyre profile indicates that the wheel size is a staggering 23 inches, which should complement the car’s lengthy proportions. Remember, the EXP 100 GT measures around 5.8 metres long and 2.8 metres wide. As with most Mulliner coach-built cars, the Bacalar will be enjoyed by very few individuals. Sources peg the production volume to be no more than 12 units.

In terms of powertrain, the Bacalar is tipped to get the automaker’s famous 6.0 litre twin-turbo W12 engine, arguably augmented with a 48-volt electrical system to improve fuel efficiency. The engine is also hand built, and in the Flying Spur it produces 635 PS and 900 Nm of torque, propelling the 2,437 kg limo from nought to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. An eight-speed ZF dual-clutch transmission and AWD are likely.

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