992 Porsche 911 gets aerokit with GT3-style rear wing


The 992-generation Porsche 911 has yet to receive a harder-core GT3 variant, but what if you want the track-ready look today? Helpfully, Stuttgart has just the answer with its newly-developed aerokit, now available on all coupé versions of the stalwart sports car.

Central to that faux GT car look is the fixed rear wing, which replaces the standard active spoiler. It’s combined with the existing SportDesign package that adds a more aggressive front bumper with prominent triple air intakes, plus a new rear bumper with L-shaped body-coloured inserts. The latter also addresses a key complaint of the 992 by raising the rear number plate recess, giving the car a more 991-style look.

It’s not just for show – Porsche says its engineers have spent months optimising the design and function of the aerokit, honing it in the wind tunnel to ensure it reduces lift on both the front and rear axles. It has also undergone hot and cold climate testing around the world – over 90,000 km on the road and 55,000 km on its Nardo high-speed circular test track in Italy.

Both the aerokit and SportDesign package are available in either full body colour or in partial gloss black. To go with them, owners can also specify the SportDesign body-coloured side skirts that Porsche says makes the car look like it rides even closer to the ground. The addition of the rear wing adds €1,564 (RM7,000) to the SportDesign package, which itself costs €4,034 (RM18,100).

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