Proton records 11,117 registrations in December – 100,821 units sold in 2019, Saga and X70 top sellers


Proton has announced its sales performance numbers for December 2019, reporting that it sold 11,117 units last month, a jump from the 9,643 units it managed in November. Those numbers made December the best performing month for the brand in 2019, and also the first time the company has sold more than 11,000 cars in a month since July 2014.

It was also good enough to help the national carmaker reach its target of 100,000 units this year. The company reported that total sales for 2019 closed at 100,821 units (domestic + export), an increase of 55.7% over 2018 and the first time it has crossed the 100,000 unit threshold since 2015. Overall market share for the year is estimated to be at 16.7%, the highest figure since 2014.

While the figures released by the company has in the past included both domestic sales as well as exports, the automaker should have achieved its 100k domestic target. As of November 2019, total sales stood at 89,066 units, and the December figure would bring it to 100,183. There should be no deviation, given that its reported numbers for October and November 2019 matched the official figures released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) in its vehicle sales data sets for the two months.


In terms of model-specific performance, the Saga was the company’s top seller. Sales in December amounted to 3,892 units, and total sales for 2019 closed at 38,144 units. The X70 was the second best performer for the brand, ending 2019 with a total of 26,331 units sold. As for the Persona, it contributed to the final tally with a total of 21,876 units.

“The X70 and the Saga are two major ingredients to Proton’s sales success this year. We are humbled by the popularity of the X70 and would like to say a big thank you to all our customers for their support, despite it being a brand new market segment for the company. As for the Saga, with over 41,000 bookings and counting, it remains our core product and a popular choice regardless of a buyer’s age, status and purchasing power, making it a car for all Malaysians,” said Proton CEO Li Chunrong.

No specific numbers were offered for the Iriz and Exora, but the company said that sales of the Iriz nearly doubled for the year and grew by 97% following the introduction of the updated model in April. Meanwhile, the refreshed Exora saw a 40% growth in sales last year.


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