PDRM: Don’t mod your 150 cc kapchai as you wish


Malaysian police have come out strongly against illegal modifications on motorcycles, especially those in the very popular 150 cc and below kapchai category. Speaking to Sinar Harian in a broadcast, Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) director Datuk Azisman Alias said his department is taking the matter of illegal motorcycle modification seriously.

“Modifying your motorcycle for excessive speed is an offence we consider to be serious and we shall be conducting special operations,” he said. Citing JSPT statistics, Azisman said operations against illegal motorcycle modifications carried out in 2019 nabbed 4,087 offenders and action was taken under Section 60 of the Road Transport Act.

“At the same time, we are investigating and monitoring workshops carrying out illegal modifications and those organising street racing,” elaborated Azisman. Workshops making illegal modifications can be charged under Section 81 of the Road Transport Act which pertains to restrictions on competition and speed trials.

Azisman said those found guilty of an offence are subject to a penalty not exceeding RM2,000 or jail for not more than six months or both with the offender’s licence being suspended for at least a year. A second offence will attract a fine of up to RM5,000 and/or a year’s jail with a three-year licence suspension.


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