Mk6 Volkswagen Polo on FB, IG – coming to M’sia?


It’s been quite a while since the Volkswagen Polo received an update in Malaysia. While the rest of the world has been able to buy the latest Mk6 model since late 2017, we’re still only getting the previous Mk5 model – a car that last received a facelift in 2015. But it looks like that could change, as Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) posted images of the Mk6 on social media today.

The company showed both the standard model on Instagram and the hot 200 PS GTI on Facebook, which is strange because it has always been very deliberate in showing Malaysian-spec cars that have either already been launched, or are about to be (it has since pulled both posts). It may seem like a small thing, but the fact that VPCM chose two different versions of the car to show simultaneously hints that something deeper might be underfoot.

However, the situation surrounding the Polo is complicated to say the least. Our Polo is currently locally assembled using CKD packs from India, which also still builds and sells the old model. So a new CKD version – at least from the South Asian country – is unlikely, though bringing the packs in from Europe, like the Tiguan and Passat, could be a viable option.

Der neue Volkswagen Polo

Of course, VPCM could also choose to fully import the Polo, just like the Mk5 Polo 1.2 TSI and GTI some years ago. But this would definitely push prices upwards (likely far above the RM100k mark, just like the TSI), rendering it a bit player in such a price-sensitive market. Should the GTI arrive here, it would almost certainly be a CBU import, much like the Golf GTI and R.

Der neue Volkswagen Polo GTI

It remains to be seen which path VPCM will take with the Polo – assuming, of course, that the little hatch is indeed coming to Malaysia, and these were not just a couple of throwaway social media posts. What do you think – is the Polo making its way here, and if so, would you buy one?


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