Malaysian vehicle sales data, December 2019 by brand


The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released the latest vehicle sales data by brand, for the month of December 2019. This period saw the delivery of 54,842 vehicles, which is an increase of 2,258 units over the 52,584 units sold in November. The total of vehicles sold in Malaysia in 2019 was 604,287 units.

Perodua continues to lead the charge at the top with 18,357 units sold last month, despite a drop of 10.2% from the 20,422 units sold in November. The national carmaker has sold 240,341 units for the year in full, well clear of its target of 235,000 units it set for itself and scoring a market share of 39.8% along the way.

Proton improved upon its November figure of 9,643 units sold by 15.3% with 11,117 units sold last month, which has helped it break through the six-figure mark with 100,183 units sold in total for 2019. This year also marks Proton’s achievement as the biggest gainer in sales, with an increase of 35,439 units over the 64,744 units sold in 2018, representing a 54.7% gain. Proton’s market share for 2019, meanwhile increased to 16.6% compared to its market share of 10.8% in 2018.

Honda Accord 2.4 VTi-L Advance 2

Toyota continued its growth with 8,046 units sold in December, representing a 15.7% gain over the 6,956 units sold in the month before that, while charting a full-year total of 61,045 units sold. Toyota continued to be markedly behind Honda in total sales, who sold 85,418 units for the entire year, with 7,235 units sold last month for a 8.1% gain over its November figure of 6,694 units.

Meanwhile, Isuzu recorded a 49.5% gain to 1,193 units sold in December, compared to 798 units sold in November and a full-year total of 8,983 units, while Mitsubishi gained 24.4% to 775 units in December from 623 units in November and a full-year total of 8,140 units. Kia charted growth of 26.6% to 233 units sold in December compared to 184 units sold in November with a 2019 total of 3,432 units, and Hyundai recorded a gain of 25.7% to 171 units in December from 136 units in November for the year’s total of 2,256 units.

Subaru and Renault saw drops in sales for December 2019, with the Japanese brand recording a 47.7% drop from 264 units in November to 138 units last month, and the French marque went the same direction with a 17.0% drop from 94 units in November to 78 units sold last month. Subaru recorded a full-year total of 2,864 units, while Renault recorded a total of 1,218 units for the year.

2018 W222 Mercedes-Benz S450L (6)

Of the premium makes, Mercedes-Benz was one of two entrants in the segment that saw growth in the last month, to the tune of 35.5% to 1,186 units in December compared to 875 units sold in November, for a full-year total of 10,535 units. Volvo was the other, with 3.7% growth to 192 units from 187 units in November and a full-year total of 1,883 units.

It was downwards for others in the premium segment, where BMW dropped 39.6% from 770 units in November to 465 units in December for a 2019 total of 9,300 units, MINI dropped 4.2% from 95 units in November to 91 units in December for a 2019 total of 1,142 units, and Lexus dropped 7.6% from 131 units sold in November to 121 units in December for a 2019 total of 918 units.

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