Government will revoke the licences of AP holders who abuse the system for quick profits, says Dr M


The government will take action against holders of approved permits (AP) who abuse the opportunities to make a quick buck, said prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He said that the government would move to revoke such opportunities granted to those who are eligible, but instead chose to sell them to third parties, the Malay Mail reports.

Citing the granting of open APs as an example, he said that such chances were aimed at narrowing the economic and income gap between communities. “We know that under the New Economic Policy (NEP), when we created opportunities for those who are poor to get a share of the nation’s wealth, there were those who abuse the opportunities created. As how we are aware, when they receive contracts for example, they sell the contracts,” he said.

“There are those who get opportunities for AP or other aid from the government, but they find the easy way out, by selling these chances to other parties for a fast profit. In the end, when the money they get is finished being spent, they continue living in poverty like before,” he added.

He lamented the greed of those who wish to make a fast profit through the opportunities given to them, saying that such abuses are obstructing the government’s vision and policies to bridge the economic gap.

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