Malaysian vehicle sales data in October 2019 by brand


The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released vehicle sales data by brand for the month of October 2019, which saw a total of 53,870 units delivered. The figure is 9,204 units – or 20.61% – more than the 44,666 units that were recorded in September.

On a brand-to-brand basis, Perodua continued to retain its position at the top, delivering 22,808 cars in the month. This is 34.3% more than the 16,978 units it delivered in September, and the national carmaker has now breached the 200,000-unit mark with a year-to-date (YTD) sales volume of 201,562 units.

Meanwhile, Proton delivered 9,503 cars in October, which is 9.4% more than the 8,685 units recorded the month before that. The result sees the carmaker pull further away from Honda in terms of YTD sales, and it will need to average just over 10,000 units for the remaining months of November and December in order to achieve its sales target of 100,000 units for 2019.

Toyota’s 22.7% improvement in terms of sales performance to 6,481 units also saw it overtake Honda in the month of October, although the advantage is minor, as Honda delivered 6,366 units (+10.7%). Several other Japanese makes also saw an increase in sales, including Nissan (+8%), Mazda (+122.4%), Isuzu (+21.4%) and Mitsubishi (+37.1%).

As for brands that didn’t see green in October, they are Ford (-12.3%), Volkswagen (-20.9%), Subaru (-15.2%), Kia (-33.5%) and Peugeot (-33.5%). In the premium segment, sales of Mercedes-Benz cars grew by 6.6%, while BMW experienced a decline of 11.9%, with the former maintaining is YTD edge over Munich carmaker. Elsewhere, it’s Volvo dropping by 12.8%, MINI down by 4.7%, while Lexus gained 17.1%. Click on the table below for a larger version.


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