36yo Collapses & Dies During Job Interview As He Always Work OT in Previous Office


A 36-year-old man fell dead during a job interview after he kept staying up late to work overtime at his previous job.

According to China Press, the man from Hangzhou, China suddenly collapsed while talking to the job interviewer on 26th November. He was immediately brought to the hospital where they found that his pupils had dilated and he was declared dead.

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The interviewer said that the man always stayed up late to work overtime, which may be the reason why he wanted to change his job and work in a new environment. The man also claimed to have high blood pressure.

The doctor said that the man had died from sudden cardiac death, mainly due to various cardiac problems.

He said that patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension have a high risk of getting cardiac arrests, but even those who feel healthy can suffer from it as many don’t have any symptoms before they fall sick.

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The doctor also mentioned that he had treated another patient who suffered an acute heart attack at work two weeks ago.

After getting treated at the hospital, the patient’s condition improved but he was still anxious to be discharged from the hospital as there was a lot of work to do if he went back to the office.

The doctor advises that those who have experienced heart attacks should be more careful and avoid overworking to prevent sudden cardiac death.

Remember guys, your life is more important than your job!


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