Waze navigation now shows toll prices in Malaysia


Here’s something useful for the many Waze users out there. The app has announced the launch of its Toll Prices feature in Malaysia. A much-requested feature, Toll Prices will enable users to view and compare toll prices when they are driving along tolled routes.

Waze says that the Toll Prices feature will help drivers make better planning decisions by giving them visibility of prices ahead of time, enabling them to compare prices of different routes and ETAs to choose their preferred option.

This hyperlocal feature is only possible due to the work of Waze’s volunteer community of over 30,000 monthly active map editors. The six volunteers from the Malaysia Waze community that played a part in this latest feature for Waze were Kadyus, Kweeheng, Rickylo103, EpailXi, Izuaniz and Lutfi_bihar. They helped collect and input toll price information

“We are delighted to bring Toll Prices to Malaysia. Thanks to the phenomenal efforts of our volunteer community, we’ve been able to make one of the most requested features on Waze a reality. Until now, Waze was trying to reduce your time spent in traffic – now, we’re also helping our users save as much money as possible by giving them the absolute best choice of routes, based both on ETA and potential costs of tolls along the way. We look forward to continue working with our community to make this feature available in all markets,” said Waze product manager Moriah Royz.

The feature, which is compatible with high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes, is automatically enabled and users will see a Toll tag on the route if it includes a toll road. Drivers with a toll pass can also select this in the Waze app, which will be taken into account when routes are being generated.


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