Proton R3 unveils new Saga livery for Sepang 1000KM courtesy of winning Design For Speed contest entry


Team Proton R3 has unveiled its new livery for the Saga race car which will complete the trio of cars to compete in the Sepang 1000KM endurance race which is taking place this weekend at the Sepang International Circuit. The Proton Saga R3 race car with the new livery will be driven by Admi Shahrul and Syafiq Ali, who are no strangers to success at the Sepang 1,000 km race.

This new livery is the work of the Design For Speed contest winner Azham Bin Zainol, who takes home RM3,000 as the grand prize, with second-placed Chan Wen Bin taking home RM2,000 and third-placed Muhammad Hafiz Bin Sakarani winning RM1,000. Each of all three prize winners also received a pair of VIP paddock passes for the upcoming Sepang 1000KM race event.


The newly-liveried Saga and Iriz R3 race cars are powered by the same S4PH 1.6 litre, naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine. This is in accordance with the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) regulations which stipulate the use of a naturally-aspirated engine displacing between 1,401 cc and 1,600 cc. This will produce peak outputs in the region of 180 hp to 190 hp for the Sepang 1000KM, said Proton R3 team principal Gary Lee.


Compared to the #82 Saga racer, the Saga with the new artwork trades the blue accents for more yellow across the width of its front end, now employing silver as the dominant colour on its bonnet and roof. Here, the Design For Speed livery employs lightning bolt graphics through the sides of the car and across its roof, finished with a blue boot section and yellow for the rear bumper.

This will be one of three cars Proton R3 is entering in this weekend’s Sepang 1000KM endurance race event, where the Design For Speed-liveried Saga will be piloted by Admi Shahrul and Syafiq Ali, and join the #82 Proton Saga driven by MSF-R3 Ladies Drivers Search selection Faye Kusairi, Nurul Husna Nasharuddin and Leona Chin and the #83 Proton Iriz with Farique Hairuman and Mitchell Cheah at its helm.


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