Police to take stern action against those lending their vehicles to foreigners without a valid driving licence


The police say that stern action will be taken against car owners who lend their vehicles to foreigners without a driving licence, especially if it results in fatal accidents involving other road users, Bernama reports.

According to Penang police chief Datuk T. Narenasagaran, car owners could have their licence suspended or be subjected to heavy penalties in such cases. He cited several incidents of fatal accidents recently that involved foreigners driving vehicles borrowed from locals.

“I am giving a stern warning to vehicle owners. You will be held responsible if your car is involved in an accident. Never lend your car to a foreigner without a valid driving licence. In the event of an accident, the owner may be charged under the Penal Code with causing death by negligence,” he stated.

Two such cases have occurred in recent times, both in Penang. Last Friday, it was reported that a garbage truck driver was seriously injured when a car driven by a Vietnamese national crashed into him in the early hours of the morning. The truck driver was cleaning his truck on the road shoulder when he was hit by the car, which pinned him to the truck.

Last month, a Penang island city council employee was killed when his motorcycle was rammed by a car driven by a woman from China. The driver, who was suspected to be drunk, was remanded for further investigation.


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