M’sian “Chups” Parking Spot In Desa Park City For 10mins, Rages At Drivers Advising Her


Ah, yes. The “chupping” culture us Malaysians know all too well. In this episode of inconsiderate Malaysian drivers, we have a woman who finds no fault in standing in the parking spot of a FULL parking lot even though drivers are desperately circling the area to look for parking!

Recently, a netizen shared a video of an inconsiderate woman who tried to book a parking spot at Waterfront, Desa Park City by standing in the parking space for 10 minutes straight. She wouldn’t even move when a car tried to back up into her, refusing to take the hint and leave!

According to the driver who captured the footage, “We couldn’t find a parking space after a few laps in Desa Park. I saw this woman on the first lap, standing in the parking space, she was still there.”

Inconsiderate Aunty

Source: Facebook

“When we stopped the first time she said, “my friend is coming.” The second time round, she said “the people let me take this place.”

The driver said that while she and her family eventually managed to find a parking place, they tried to advise the woman that she couldn’t “chup” places in a public parking. “You can’t be so stubborn, you will be fined RM 2,000,” said the driver as she referred to Section 50(3) of the Land Transport Act 1987.

And that’s when the woman snapped.

Inconsiderate Aunty "Chups" Parking Lot In Desa Park City By Standing In The Lot For 10 Minutes - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Facebook

She started motioning aggressively at the driver’s mother, raising her voice as she provokingly asked, “How? Didn’t you find a parking?” As things started getting heated between both parties, the driver’s family suggested that they go to the police to settle the situation.

However, the inconsiderate woman merely scoffed, “You didn’t study! The police don’t care about you.” The woman and her boyfriend then left the parking lot in a huff towards the residential area of Desa Park.

Inconsiderate Aunty

Source: Facebook

The driver later praised local security guards for trying to assist the situation by recording the whole altercation and informing management. Netizens hope that the management of Desa Park will take note of troublesome citizens like these to prevent similar situations from happening.

Sigh. Sadly, this is Malaysian culture. What do you guys think of this?


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