Lynk & Co 05 – more images of SUV in public emerge


Lynk & Co revealed a couple of images of its new model, the 05 SUV, on social media platforms Weibo and WeChat earlier this month, and now, more pictures of the 01-derived model have surfaced courtesy of Chinese media who managed to photograph the vehicle uncovered.

The 05 SUV’s foundations mean that it shares its sibling’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) underpinnings used by Geely and Volvo, and will likely use the same engines. We also get a partial look into the cabin of the 05 SUV, which is still somewhat concealed by fabric.

Despite the indirect angle of view, it appears that the steering wheel in this 05 SUV should be similar, if not the same as the ones in other Lynk & Co models, and the shape atop the dashboard beneath the fabric hints at air-conditioning vents alike those in the 02 SUV and the 03 sedan.


There is some also resemblance to the all-electric Polestar 2 from rear three-quarter angles, though the Lynk & Co 05 sports a larger middle section in its full-width tail lamps. Another picture set from a Chinese website also depicts the 05 SUV with and without a contrasting roof paint scheme, along with a possible alternative wheel design and a slightly different front fender trim piece.

Engines for the 05 SUV will include a 147 hp 1.5 litre three-cylinder and 187 hp 2.0 litre four-cylinder Volvo-derived engines, while a plug-in hybrid model is expected to follow later, also featuring the 1.5 litre internal combustion unit. The 05 SUV is named for the sequence in which Lynk & Co models are set for debut, and it will be the latest in a line that already features the 01 and 02 SUVs, 03 sedan and 04 hatchback.


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