2020 Givi Vista helmets shown at Givista Ride & Camp


Ahead of the possible public launch at the 2019 Shell Malaysia MotoGP happening on the first to third of November, Malaysian motorcycle accessories manufacturer Givi showed the 2020 Givi Vista open face helmet to riders gathered for the 2019 Givista Ride & Camp. During the unveiling in the Lata Lembik forest reserve, four versions of the 2020 Vista helmet were shown.

No pricing was given, as the all-new Vista is still in pre-production prototype stage and changes might still be made to the graphics and other specifications. However, as can be seen, the Vista is a basic open face helmet design with integral scratch resistant visor and striking graphics.

The inner helmet is removable and washable, and covered in an anallergic fabric. Sizes available are from small to extra large and a Givi spokesperson confirmed stock of the 2020 Givi Vista helmet will be available in authorised Givi dealers from the first week of November.

2020 Givi Vista M102 - 15

One of many social events organised by Givi for owners of Givi products, the 2019 Givista Ride & Camp was a gathering of Givi fans and comprised of motorcycles from across the size range, from kapchais with basic top boxes to adventure tourers fully rigged with Givi luggage. Givista riders spent the weekend at the Lata Lembik forest reserve in Raub, Pahang with tents and catering provided by Givi.

Not just for solo riders, the Givista Ride & Camp was very much a family affair, with couples and family in attendance, including one family of four, husband, wife and two children, who rode two bikes to the camp site. For 2019, Givi Malaysia organised some 150 events with customers, excluding dealer sales events and in 2020, approximately the same number of customer engagements will be held, with an emphasis on rider safety and bike handling skills.


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