Toyota Supra to get a manual swap kit for US$12,000


Without any confirmation if the latest A90 Toyota GR Supra will be offered with a manual transmission, and with people on the Internet demanding for such an option, a Texas-based tuning company has emerged as a saviour for the three-pedal movement.

In an interview with CarBuzz, European Auto Group revealed it will offer a manual swap for the Supra and is currently taking customer deposits for US$6,000 (RM25,058). The company’s owner, Art Bartosik, revealed that the swap would take up to 45 days to complete, with a final cost of around US$12,000 (RM50,116), inclusive of parts and labour – you’ll need to supply a donor car.

That’s quite a sum, especially when you consider the retail price of the Supra in the United States starts from US$49,990. However, if the idea of using the standard ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox isn’t as appealing as rowing through the gears yourself, there’s no other way but to pay.

The company states that the manual transmission used will be an original BMW OEM part, so it should pair perfectly with the Supra’s B58 3.0 litre turbocharged inline-six engine. Bartosik also expressed interest in using a shifter inspired by the GR HV Sports concept (pictured below), which features a flip-up cap with a button underneath to engage the car’s Sport mode.

Of course, the swap will most likely/definitely void the car’s warranty but Bartosik says EAG is looking into offering a four-year/ 80,467-km (50,000-mile) warranty to cover all of the cars that undergo the procedure.

In addition, customers can also order other modifications including an aero kit, a carbon-fibre roof and mirror caps, wheels, as well as suspension and exhaust systems. There will also be power upgrade packages offered in collaboration with BMW tuning firm ProTuning Freaks, with a tuned car expected to make up to 430 hp – the stock engine makes 335 hp.

If you haven’t heard of EAG before, the company is responsible for other projects like slotting in manual transmissions into the Ferrari F430 and 430 Scuderia. Aside from the Supra, the company is also working on a manual swap kit for the 458 Italia that was sold with a dual-clutch gearbox only.


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