SPIED: Ford Mach E – Mustang-inspired electric SUV


Here’s our very first look at Ford’s upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV, expected to debut next year. The prototype seen in these spyshots wears what appears to be the car’s production body, albeit wrapped in copious amounts of camouflage and disguise.

Look past it and you’ll find a fairly sporty-looking design – even though engineers have deliberately tried to obfuscate the actual shape by squaring off the rear end, the actual low-slung fastback roofline is still visible. And while only the two front doors are visible here, the shape of the doors themselves indicate that there are two more portals at the rear, making for a far more practical proposition.

Ford Mach E spyshot 9

Ford has previously teased the car’s stylish rear end, which sports a slim rear windscreen, a large tailgate spoiler and the Mustang‘s iconic triple vertical tail lights. Another video released by the company revealed slim headlights and an inset front panel with the Mustang galloping horse logo, although it’s unclear if the car in the video is of the crossover or a hybrid version of the Mustang, which has also been confirmed.

Ford Mach E teaser

Details are slim at the moment, but Ford is touting a range of 480 km. As for the name, the company previously floated the Mach 1 moniker – in reference to a performance variant of the original Mustang – but such was the furore from enthusiasts that it quickly backtracked on its decision. It recently trademarked both “Mach E” and “Mach-E”, making them likely candidates for this EV.


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