Puspakom Sedia Bantu customer days: Aug 19 – Oct 2


Members of the public can now receive information from legitimate sources on all things related to vehicle inspection from the ‘Puspakom Sedia Bantu‘ (Puspakom at your service) customer days at selected Puspakom centres nationwide from August 19 to October 2, from 9am until 4pm.

The vehicle inspection service provider welcomes all enquiries related to vehicle inspection, and queries will be attended to by Puspakom officers. The programme is aimed at better informing Puspakom customers and to avoid receiving misleading or wrong information from middlemen with regard to the processes, terms and conditions and services offered, the company said.

“This programme aims to offer exposure and knowledge to customers about the inspection service that is offered by Puspakom so that they can deal directly with Puspakom instead of through a middleman,” said Puspakom CEO Shukor Ismail.

We often receive feedback from customers saying that they prefer to use middlemen because they do not understand what is involved during vehicle inspections. This is an important platform for us to provide the correct information,” he said.

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“We hope that customers receive the correct information and understand the processes before they choose to engage a middleman, because there have been customers who have been charged high rates and have been duped by ‘guaranteed pass’ promises by these middlemen.

“The fee for Puspakom inspections are between RM20 to RM90 depending on vehicle, and will help customers save costs and answer their vehicle inspection-related question,” he added. Puspakom officers can also assist in the registration and the MyPuspakom online appointment system, as well as the recently introduced e-wallet service.

Various activities will be taking place, including MyPuspakom registration with instant confirmation; a consultation service for the understanding of processes, standards and prerequisites for a vehicle to pass its inspection; renewal of raod tax, drivers licence and summonses checks through the JPJ mobile service; and an exhibition of commercial vehicles as well as vehicle care and safety guidelines.

An inspection guide book will also be available free of charge, while games such as Wheel of Fortune and Mix and Match will be taking place, with prizes to be won. More information is available through the Puspakom toll-free line at 1-800-88-6927, through direct messaging on the official Puspakom Sdn Bhd Facebook page or via live chat on the Puspakom website.


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