Proton Saga Aeroback rendered – short tail, new lights


Ever since Proton reintroduced the Saga back in 2008, its entry-level model has been produced strictly in four-door sedan form only. And rightly so, given that the body style remains popular in this market, and sales of other variants may not justify the extra development costs. But what if our minds were allowed to wonder a little bit – what if the national carmaker continued to build the Aeroback?

Well, Theophilus Chin has let his imagination run wild and has put pen to paper (or at least, the Pen tool in Photoshop), giving rise to the renders you see here. At first, this might just seem like the facelifted Saga that has been truncated at the rear, but there are a number of distinct design changes as well.

Firstly, the roofline has been smoothened and lengthened, resulting in taller rear windows and the addition of a black C-pillar appliqué not unlike the Wira Aeroback. The window frames are also fully blacked out for a more streamlined appearance.

Moving to the rear of the car, the tail lights have also been redesigned – they are now joined in the middle and feature a continuous light guide that stretches across the entire width of the car, a nice touch. The Proton script has been moved upwards as a result, and the gloss black lip spoiler completes the look. Theo has also cheekily added a black extension to the side sills.

It’s good to dream, but the chances of this car actually entering production is practically non-existent. Under Geely, Proton is rebuilding itself with an eye on cost effectiveness, and an Aeroback variant would likely be too similar to the sedan to generate any meaningful sales volume. But what do you think? Sound off in the comments after the jump.


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