Perodua Bezza is now the best-selling sub-1.0 litre sedan in Sri Lanka – over 1,500 units sold in two years


Perodua has revealed that its Bezza sedan has become the best-selling sub-1.0 litre sedan in Sri Lanka, and is leading the sub-1.0 litre segment in terms of sales, across all body-styles.

The automaker said that it had sold more than 1,500 units of the Bezza since the car was launched in the republic two years ago. This places the Bezza among the fastest-selling models Perodua has introduced there, along with the Axia, which has sold some 3,000 units since its introduction in 2015.

Brought in by official distributor Unimo Enterprises, the Bezza is available in a single 1.0 litre variant, with an automatic transmission. The pricing for the car remains as it was at point of introduction, at 3.69 million Sri Lankan rupees, but the current exchange rate means that it is now price at RM86,200 with conversion, a whole lot less than the RM103,000 it was when it debuted in June 2017.

“We congratulate Unimo Enterprises CEO and executive director Mahesh Gunathilake and his team for their hard work in promoting the brand and especially for the significant milestones they have achieved so far,” Perodua president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad said.


“We work very closely with Unimo to provide product knowledge and technical training for their sales and service staff, so our valued Sri Lankan customers can rest assured knowing that their Bezzas and Axias are always in the best of hands,” he added.

Gunathilake said that Sri Lankan buyers love the Bezza and Axia for their compactness, practicality, quality, reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. “In particular, the Perodua Bezza has quite successfully introduced the compact sedan segment to Sri Lanka, a market long dominated by hatchbacks. Our customers really appreciate the bodystyle, increased comfort and cavernous 508-litre boot,” Gunathilake said.

Sri Lanka is the brand’s biggest overseas market, with over 15,600 Perodua vehicles having been sold there since 1997. Earlier this month, during the Myvi’s introduction in Mauritius, the automaker said it is aiming to export 3,270 cars this year, a 50% increase over the 2,184 units it managed in 2018.


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