Motorcycle ride-hailing laws to cover delivery services


Following the green light given for the implementation of Gojek in the country, the transport ministry says it is preparing a regulatory framework to govern motorcycle ride-hailing service providers. This will also cover the use of two-wheelers to deliver goods and other services, according to transport minister Anthony Loke.

He said this was necessary, as there was no law governing those who provided such services. The transport ministry will include those providing such services together within the motorcycle ride-hailing service framework to ensure they adhered to all safety rules, The Star reports.

“The food and package delivery services have been running the past 20 years, but we have never had laws or regulations to govern them. This is now necessary as we have received many complaints about how their jobs can be dangerous as they have to get to their destinations within a given time, ” he said.

Loke said the move was needed due to the high number of road fatalities involving motorcyclists. “Last year, 66% of the 6,284 road fatalities in Malaysia involved motorcyclists. Also, findings by the Social Security Organisation (Socso) have revealed that 35,195 commuting accidents (trip from place of work to home and vice versa) were reported in 2018, and this is worrying,” he stated.

Last week, Loke said that the ministry had one month to present a paper to the Cabinet on the mechanics of introducing a motorcycle-based ride-hailing service in the country, following the Cabinet’s in-principle approval on August 21. Besides the legal aspects, the framework will also include aspects such as road safety, insurance coverage, enforcement and cultural sensitivities.


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