Motor Image launches updated Subaru PJ showroom


Along with the launch of the fifth-generation Subaru Forester, Motor Image also unveiled its refurbished Subaru PJ showroom that promises to deliver a more engaging and pleasant experience for customers.

One of the main updates here is the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, which provides a more interactive shopping experience. With AR, customers will able to view a Subaru model in different colours and trim levels by using one of several Apple iPads.

Subaru PJ refurbished showroom 18

Meanwhile, the use of a VR headset in a dedicated room allows customers to take a 360-degree view around a model, with the ability to even “enter” the vehicle. This allows customers to experience the vehicles, even if they are not display at the showroom.

Subaru PJ refurbished showroom 4

Beyond that, the showroom also features a dedicated play area for young children dubbed “Subaru Loves Children & Babies Forest,” as well as several walls displaying a range of official accessories and lifestyle merchandise.


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