JPJ issued notices to 418 motorists; operation focused on window tint offences – JPJ director Ismail


An operation held by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) last night resulted in more than 418 motorists served notices for various offences, The Star reports. A total of 956 vehicles were subject to checks during the operation at the Duke Highway Sentul Pasar toll plaza, said JPJ director for federal territories Datuk Ismail Mohd Zawawi.

The main focus of the operation was on motorists who committed window tint offences, said Ismail. A total of 42 personnel were involved in the four-hour operation which began at around 8pm last night, and 83 motorists were issued notices to attend further inspection for the tinting offences.

“On the tinting offences, we have noticed that many of these drivers are just blatantly flouting the rules. “The new rules were enforced beginning May 8 this year and we have given these motorists more than enough time to comply but many of them are just not bothered,” the JPJ director said.

The current regulations stipulate that the front windscreen and front side windows need to have a minimum visible light transmission (VLT) of 70% and 50% respectively, while the rear side windows and rear windscreen are not restricted, effectively allowing 0% VLT.

Before the amendment, the minimum VLT for rear windows and windscreen were revised to 30% VLT from November 2014, itself a reduction from 50% VLT before that. Notices were also issued during the night operation for road tax offences (196 notices issued), driving licence offences (112), non-compliant number plates (nine) and a lack of side mirrors (two).


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