Hap Seng Star takes Mercedes-Benz Certified online – easy access to large inventory of pre-owned models


Hap Seng Star has introduced its Mercedes-Benz Certified website, which provides online access to a comprehensive inventory of pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models, allowing customers a chance to own a Mercedes-Benz in impeccable condition and at an intriguing price. The online repository simplifies the shopping process, offering buyers the chance to to shortlist – and compare – vehicles in convenient fashion.

There’s certainly no shortage when it comes to variety, with models ranging from the A-Class and C-Class right up to the GLC and S-Class. Prices start as low as RM155,000 for a 2017 W176 Mercedes-Benz A 200 with less than 20,000 km under the belt and RM183,000 for a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C 180, which has clocked less than 10,000 km.

If you’re thinking of an E 200, then there are more than 50 examples to pick from, priced from RM233,000 for a 2016 example. As for the GLC, there’s a mint Selenite Grey GLC 250 registered in March this year – used for LIMA ’19, the unit has done less than 5,000 km and is going for RM302,000. A test drive of the vehicle of your preference is available, to ensure that you are able to experience and examine it first-hand.

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Whichever Mercedes-Benz model it is that catches your attention, there’s one thing that’s certain – you’re getting a tristar that meets the high standards of the Mercedes-Benz Certified programme.

Vehicles under the programme are sourced exclusively from authorised Mercedes-Benz Malaysia dealers, and must meet certain conditions. They must not be older than six years or exceed 125,000 km in mileage, and have no identifiable structural damage and be fully serviced and maintained by authorised Mercedes-Benz service centres previously, using only original parts.

The filtering process doesn’t stop there, as these vehicles must be subjected to a thorough 215 multi-point inspection carried out by certified technicians. The inspection covers a variety of aspects, including engine components, body and chassis, electrical systems, as well as extensive road testing.

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All certified pre-owned vehicles are subject to a comprehensive 215 multi-point inspection by certified technicians, with checks conducted on the engine, body and chassis as well as electrical systems. A car also undergoes extensive road testing for NVH checks.

Every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a minimum 12-month used car limited warranty extension with unlimited mileage over and above the manufacturer warranty.


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