Grab refutes claims it has failed to refund drivers excess commission, says it is being done in phases


Last month, it was reported that Grab was set to refund excess commission levied on its drivers, following complaints from drivers that the ride-hailing provider had been taking more than 20% in commission from them. The company, via a memo, said it would make refunds on August 5.

Now, Grab is denying claims that it has failed to reimburse the additional 5% commission imposed on drivers who chose not to immediately opt to auto accept rides, The Star reports. Malaysia E-Hailing Drivers Association (MeHDA) said that drivers did not get the refund on August 5 as promised.

“Since then, it has been more than 48 hours, and drivers have yet to receive the 5% refund promised by Grab,” MeHDA president Daryl Chong said in a statement. Grab countered those claims, saying it is having to refund drivers in phases because it involved a large sum.

Grab explained that the 5% fee was imposed on those who had earlier opted to manually accept their rides because they need to safeguard and compensate others when rides were ignored or cancelled, and added that it will reimburse the 5% fee to all drivers who had previously chose to manually accept jobs. Following the reimbursement exercise, the company said all drivers were required to auto accept rides and were no longer allowed to manually accept rides.

“As we are regulated by the government, it is crucial that we comply with the regulation requirements, while ensuring that we continue to maintain a balance in supply and demand on the platform. When the regulation (cap on commission) was first introduced last year, one of the first changes we made was to introduce the 20% commission to all driver-partners who chose to auto accept all their rides,” the company said via a statement.

“For selected driver-partners, almost 20% of them chose to manually accept their rides. Therefore, a fee of 5% was introduced to safeguard and compensate other driver-partners each time a ride was ignored or cancelled. That was important to reduce unexpected situations and maintain the balance in supply and demand as we serve the daily commuting needs of everyone,” the statement added.


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