Chief engineer of the Toyota 86 and Supra wants to partner with Porsche to revive the MR2 – report


Akio Toyoda, who is the current president of the Toyota Motor Corporation, has previously expressed his desire to have a new trio of sports cars known as the “Three Brothers,” just like it did in the 90s with the Supra, Celica and MR2.

So far, Toyota has two sports cars to fulfill Toyoda’s vision, with the 86 and A90 Supra forming two thirds of the “modern Three Brothers.” The Japanese carmaker has yet to confirm if a third member is on the way, and to a further extent, there’s no word if the Celica or MR2 nameplate will be revived.

It’s widely regarded that the revival of the Celica is represented in the modern day by the 86, and the A90 Supra is the direct successor to the A80. That just leaves the MR2, which has seen plenty of speculation over the months, with some referring to the S-FR concept, while others speak of electrification for the classic mid-engined model.

Looking at Toyota’s recent track record, the 86 was co-developed with Subaru, while the Supra emerged from a partnership with BMW (the German brand has the Z4). Hypothetically, if Toyota had to pair up with another company for a revival of the MR2, who would it be?

2020 Toyota GR Supra Phantom Matte Grey 1

This was the exact question that Autoindustriya posed to Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, and the answer might surprise you, as the man behind the 86 and Supra, replied, “Porsche!”

Of course, one shouldn’t take Tada’s answer as gospel, but it would be possible for Toyota to team up with Porsche for a mid-engined sports car, as Tada did say the Boxster was used as a benchmark for the Supra. Given the low-volume nature of sports cars, especially for something like a new MR2, sharing technology and costs does help lessen the burden on both parties. Production of the MR2, which spanned three generations over 23 years, ended in 2007.

It would certainly be interesting if Toyota and Porsche partnered up for a new MR2, completing the modern Three Brothers that Toyoda is looking forward to, don’t you think? Let’s just hope that Tada is working behind the scenes to make things happen, and not just pulling our leg.


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