Big Blue Taxi boss threatens protest over Gojek plan


During a recent press conference at Big Blue Taxi Services’ headquarters, company founder Shamsubahrin Ismail voiced his displeasure at the proposed introduction of Gojek in MalaysiaFMT reports.

Rather than bringing in a motorcycle-based ride-hailing service, Shamsubahrin preferred if the government focused on resolving the issues involving e-hailing and taxi drivers in the country, instead of supporting Gojek, a move he deemed a “step backwards.”

“Syed Saddiq is an educated minister but while other ministers are talking about flying cars and third national cars, he is asking young people to become dispatchers. Gojek as a career will not ensure a promising future, our youths deserve better than that.” Shamsubahrin’s statements come after the youth and sports minister expressed his intent to bring Gojek to Malaysia.

He also explained that the situation in Malaysia was “totally different” from Indonesia, saying that “Gojek can be done in Indonesia because their poverty rate is very high, unlike in Malaysia. Also, their culture is very different compared with ours. In Indonesia, their women can hug the rider just like that but how about Malaysia? Do we want to see our women hugging the riders here and there?”

On the matter of job creation, Shamsubahrin stated the government should not encourage youths to provide motorcycle ride-hailing services as a source of income. “Gojek, FoodPanda, GrabFood all offer part-time jobs. Youths should instead be given better job opportunities,” he said.

He also warned that taxi drivers, e-hailing drivers and bus drivers would be affected if the government approved Gojek. Shamsubahrin added that he would not hesitate to organise a protest if the government ignored the company’s standpoint. “I will lead the protest myself, we will go to Putrajaya, and if possible, we will do it in front of Syed Saddiq’s house and Loke’s house,” he said.


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