2020 Honda NSX now offered in Indy Yellow Pearl hue


For purists, the links between the latest Honda NSX and the seminal original – which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary – are tenuous at best. Despite both being space-age at the time and rich in aluminium, they couldn’t be more different from one another.

One is a rolling technological showcase with a twin-turbocharged V6 and a hybrid electric powertrain that powers all four wheels, while the other is a back-to-basics supercar with a naturally-aspirated engine in the middle, drive sent to the rear wheels and a stick shift between the seats. Not that there’s anything wrong with either formula, in our book.

To bring a sense of nostalgia to its future-forward flagship, Honda is introducing an Indy Yellow Pearl for the 2020 model year in the United States, where the car is sold as an Acura. This gorgeous retina-searing hue is a nod to Spa Yellow Pearl – also called Indy Yellow in certain markets – that was offered on the original NSX from 1997 to 2003, when it was replaced by Rio Yellow for the final two model years.

Indy Yellow Pearl joins Berlina Black as an available “heritage colour”, costing an extra US$1,000 (RM4,200). Honda will surely hope to replicate the success of Spa Yellow Pearl, as it was the paint option of choice for around 20% of buyers when it was originally part of the palette.

Aside from the new colour, the NSX is exactly the same as it was last year, with an unchanged 3.5 litre biturbo V6, three electric motors (two at the front, one at the rear) and nine-speed dual clutch transmission delivering a total system output of 573 hp and 645 Nm of torque. The 2019 model year introduced tweaks to the chassis and all-wheel drive system to improve handling, as well as stickier Continental tyres.


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