Toyota GR Supra to get 4 years’ free Apple CarPlay


With all this talk of BMW moving to a subscription plan for Apple CarPlay, there were bound to be people who would wonder if the Toyota GR Supra, which is based on the Z4 and uses a BMW-derived infotainment system, would also follow suit. Among those people was Motor1, which reached out to Toyota Motor North America with just such a query – and the response was encouraging.

The company’s spokesperson Nancy Hubbell told the online publication that owners will get free usage of the service for the first four years. “I followed up on this and was told that Toyota is offering Apple CarPlay compatibility to Supra customers for a four-year trial period,” she said. “Specifics regarding future subscription fees will be available at a later date.”

It should be pointed out that the subscription isn’t technically free – in the United States, Toyota does not offer CarPlay on the base model, which costs US$49,990 (RM205,900). You’ll have to pony up an extra $4,000 (RM16,500) for the Premium variant, meaning that the service does cost extra, if you’re being pedantic.

No word on whether other countries will offer the free trial period – such as Malaysia, where the Supra will be launched in September.


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