Renault Subscription now open to the public in M’sia – Captur and Koleos available; from RM1,299 a month


Renault distributor TC Euro Cars has begun offering its car subscription service (Renault Subscription) to the public, following a pilot phase that was introduced back in May exclusively for Tan Chong Motor Holdings (TCMH), Warisan Tan Chong Holdings (WTCH) and APM employees.

Interested parties will have access to the Captur and Koleos, with pricing dependent on the chosen monthly subscription plan. However, a refundable security deposit of RM2,500 for the Captur and RM3,500 for the Koleos is applicable regardless of the plan you decide to go for.

Two plans are available, with the first (Fixed) being for a single model only, with a choice of one- or two-year terms. For the Captur, a two-year plan will cost RM1,299 monthly, while going for one year is RM1,499 a month.

Those who need something bigger can opt for the Koleos, which is priced at RM2,299 (two years) or RM2,499 (one year) monthly. There’s also the higher-spec Koleos Signature available for RM2,699 (two years) or RM2,899 (one year) monthly.

The prices of the plans include regular service costs, road tax and insurance, as well as an allotted mileage cap of 20,000 km per year Should you need more, there’s the option of an additional 10,000 km per year for an additional RM200 monthly. At the end of your subscription term, any excess mileage is subject to RM0.50 per km.

Another optional upgrade offered is the Wear & Tear package for an additional RM100 per month, applicable for Fixed two-year plans only. With this selected, wear and tear parts will be covered under the subscription programme.

Should you ever need to terminate the plan before the specified term, you will face a RM300 charge (applicable per month on the remaining months) if the termination is done within 12 months. This applies to all Fixed plans, including one- and two-year terms. For plans that span two years, terminating the plan from month 13 and any time beyond will warrant a RM200 charge, also applicable monthly on the remaining months of the plan term.

If variety is needed, there’s the Switch plan that allows you to swap between a Captur and Koleos. Subscribers will get to choose either a Base or Prime option, with the primary difference being the number of months you get to use the Koleos (two for Base, four for Prime) within the default one-year term. A RM3,500 security deposit is required for both options.

The Base option is priced at RM1,999 monthly, while the Prime is RM2,199. Both plans also include road tax and insurance, as well as regular service costs, but are different from the Fixed plans as they already include the Wear & Tear package and come with unlimited allotted mileage. There’s also no charges to terminate the Switch plan early, with only a one-month prior notice required.

The Renault Subscription service does have some benefits, as customers will not need to fork out a large sum as downpayment to have a Renault to drive, pay for service maintenance, be tied down by a long-term hire purchase, and is unaffected by depreciation. Is this something you might consider?


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