Private companies and public universities can now apply for special vehicle registration plates from JPJ


Private companies can now apply for their own special vehicle registration plates from the Road Transport Department (JPJ), according to a report by NST. Examples of such plates include ‘PATRIOT’, ‘SUKOM’, ‘BAMbee’, ‘RIMAU’, and ‘1M4U’.

However, interested parties are required to pay the department RM5 million for the first 1000 registrations in the custom plate series, and another RM1 million for the next batch of following 1000 registrations.

JPJ director-general Datuk Seri Shaharuddin Khalid explained the offer for companies to have their own registration plates was so they could create a special identity for their fleet of vehicles.

“For instance, names like Petronas, Maybank… maybe the companies would like to add exclusivity to their respective brands, so they might want a special plate that says ‘PETRONAS’ or ‘MAYBANK’ followed by a number. Now, they can,” Shaharuddin said.

Public universities will also have access to special vehicle registration plates to resell and raise funds for themselves, as announced by transport minister Anthony Loke recently. Compared to private companies, public universities will have to pay RM500,000 for 10,000 registrations, and must resell the plates within three years or return the plates to the department.

One such institution that has taken up the department’s offer is Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, which recently received an approval to sell ‘UMT’ plates ranging from ‘UMT 1’ to ‘UMT 9999’.

Proposals submitted by any party must be done six months ahead of time, and the desired spelling that will be used on the plates is subject to the department’s approval.


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