Honda Malaysia announces gear push knob button replacement exercise for 7,050 units of 2018 CR-V


Honda Malaysia (HMSB) has announced a product update campaign for the 2018 model year CR-V to replace the gear push knob button on the vehicle. The company says the recall exercise, which involves 7,050 units of the SUV, is being made as a precautionary measure.

The part replacement is being undertaken address a potentially faulty push knob button on the gear selector, which could see owners of the affected vehicles facing difficulty in shifting the gear lever from the parking position to other gear positions. The company said that the issue involves only 2018 MY vehicles, and that all current units of the CR-V on sale are not affected.

According to HMSB, the replacement of the affected gear push knob button will be carried out free of charge, and all cost related to the replacement activity will be borne by the company. All affected customers will be informed via notification letters, which will include details of the product update.

Customers who receive the letter are advised to send their vehicles to the nearest Honda authorised dealer for inspection. The company added that the replacement stock for the push knob button will be available in stages, and vehicle owners can obtain more information on this product update campaign by visiting the company’s website or calling the Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020


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